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Above: French civilians with their hastily made American and French flags sing the “Star Spangled Banner” as they greet U.S. and Free French troops entering Paris, France, Aug. 25, 1944, after Allied liberation of the French capital from Nazi occupation in World War II.

Is your School District teaching solid foundations from the GREATEST Generation? Find your School District information by clicking on this link: Search for Public Schools (

We need to make sure that our local school board(s) embrace and support these teachings. If they are not, than it’s important (imperative) to fill school board seats with people who love and cherish the rich, inspiring and inspirational history of the United States. Especially as it relates to the WW2 Generation of Americans. Born from the fires of the Great Depression, coming from absolutely nothing, this group SACRIFICED EVERYTHING and bonded together to save the entire world and liberated millions of people from the Axis of Evil.

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