Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance

This Wednesday marks an important day in our country’s history – it is the National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance, commemorated each year on December 7th. On this infamous day in 1941, Japan attacked the Hawaiian base of America’s Pacific fleet, killing more than 2,400 people. It was a surprise attack – the U.S. was engaged in peace talks with Japan when they launched 350 warplanes to attack our country. 

330 U.S. planes and 19 ships were damaged or destroyed. The attack united Americans in a call to war and pushed the United States into World War II as we declared war on Japan. The Pearl Harbor National Memorial and Pacific Historic Parks in Honolulu are making plans for this year’s 81stCommemoration. The theme is Everlasting Legacy and focuses on the sacrifices made by Americans who served in World War II. It was mostly young Americans who died that day, and who served during the war, and today we commonly call them the “Greatest Generation” – their sacrifice and bravery saved our country and brought peace back to our world. December 7th is a good day to learn more about the history that has shaped our country and the sacrifices made by generations before us and still being made every day by servicemen and women deployed around the globe to help keep peace.

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